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Mud volcano at sunset

During the first days of the new year, I found one mud volcano near mount Garachura (it looks more like a hill) in Gobustan. I’ve never been in this area of Gobustan before and this volcano came as a surprise to me.

Mud volcano Continue reading »

Mud volcanoes of Northern Gobustan

Mud volcanoes of Northern Gobustan.Last hot summer days in northern part of Gobustan. You can see the sun-scorched desert landscapes covered by poor native vegetation and blue sky with rare clouds. It may seem boring but only until you get to the volcanic fields… Continue reading »

Mud volcanoes. Shamakhi–Gobustan region

Nardaranakhtarma mud volcano.Nardaranakhtarma mud volcano. According to  the distribution of active mud cones and gryphons, it is considered to be one of the largest volcanoes in Southern Gobustan. Continue reading »

Gobustan. Ayrantokan mud volcano

Gobustan. Ayrantokan mud volcanoLarge group of cones and gryphons on the north side of Ayrantokan mud volcano crater field. Ayrantokan mud volcano is located 65 km south-west of Baku. Its relative height is about 190 m – it is a good view point to observe Gobustan steppe landscapes and some other large volcanoes of the region. Continue reading »

Gobustan steppe. After rain


Gobustan steppe after rain. Low clouds float over the hills, dive into a gullies and evaporate under sunbeams. Continue reading »