Kryts people. Azerbaijan

Khaladdin Aslanov - the village blacksmith from Kryts.Abdurrahman Yagubov - livestock breeder. Ziyafetdin Qayibkhanov - history teacher. Aliheydar Seyidov - director of the secondary school in  Kryts. Kryts mountain village and evening fog lifts over Gudiyalchay gorge. Quba, Azerbaijan.Kryts village surrounding mountains.Early morning in the village of Kryts.Evening fog.Sarvar Seyidov, teacher of the Azerbaijani language and literature.Arastun Seyidov, a primary school teacher.In the house of Seyidov's family.Carved wooden columns of the Abu Muslim mosque ruins.Khaladdin Aslanov - the village blacksmith from Kryts.Aliheydar Seyidov and his grandson Sarvar playing backgammon.Ramadan sanctuary in the center of Kryts village.Kryts village.

Mountain village of Kryts, Azerbaijan.  Kryts people is the ethnic group with their own language which belong to the Shahdag group of Nakho-Dagestanian languages.

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